Connection Contact modules LSA-PLUS

Connection module LSA-Plus®

The functional principle of the LSA-Plus connection module is based on an unbreakable connection. On the system/cable side and the jumper side, the cable leads are connected to the contacts arranged opposite one another. In the center are separate contacts for each pair, which, for example, can be used for measurement and testing work, for switching using switching adapters or for inserting overvoltage protection magazines (3-point protection with overvoltage protection contact arrestors or semiconductor elements). The casing is grey.

  •  Based on LSA-PLUS® connection technology
  •  Fits on all LSA-PLUS® back mount frames
  •  Suitable for use in all Telecom circuits
  •  Flexible indoor and outdoor use
  •  Robust long term environmental stability
  •  Supports LSA-PLUS® series 2 accessories
  •  Overvoltage protection using 10 pair protection magazine only

Part/Number: 6089 2 010-02