Disconnection module LSA-Plus®  KRONE   termination-module

Disconnection module LSA-Plus®

With the LSA-Plus disconnection module, the connection can be broken by placing a disconnection plug in the normally closed contact between the connection contacts. Using patch and test cords, it is possible to create a wide variety of different circuits for measuring and testing. The disconnection module principle is particularly suitable for realizing high-quality protection concepts. The casing is white.

  •  Outstanding electrical characteristics
  •  Based on LSA-PLUS® connection technology
  •  Fits on all LSA-PLUS® back mount frames
  •  Suitable for use in all xDSL and ADSL 2+, ... circuits
  •  Flexible indoor and outdoor use
  •  Robust long term environmental stability
  •  Supports LSA-PLUS® series 2 accessories
  •  Overvoltage protection

Part/Number: 6089 1 102-06