Switching module LSA-Plus®  KRONE   termination-module

Switching module LSA-Plus®

With the LSA-Plus switching module, the individual connection contacts and up to 40 idle circuits are disconnected. By adding plugs or cords, circuits can be connected if necessary or used for measuring and testing purposes. The installation of 5-point or graded protection is also possible. The casing is brown or, in the LSA-Plus NT modules, yellow.

  •   Outstanding electrical characteristics
  •  Based on LSA-PLUS® connection technology
  •  Fits on all LSA-PLUS® back mount frames
  •  Suitable for use in all Telecom circuits
  •  Flexible indoor and outdoor use
  •  Robust long term environmental stability
  •  Supports LSA-PLUS® series 2 accessories
  •  Overvoltage protection

Part/Number: 7015 1 003-50