Fiber Optic pigtails

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Fiber optic pigtail is a piece of optical cable with connectors only on one side of the cable; it is as simple as that. Fiber pigtails types are dependent on the connector types and the fiber optic cable. Usually the fiber optic pigtail is with 0.9mm outer diameter cable. Pigtails are usually used inside the fiber optic management equipment, the connectors on the pigtail can link to the adapter or other devices, the other end of the pigtail which does not contain the connectors, is used to link bare fiber via fusion splicing. Most commonly used type fiber optic pigtails are simplex types, but there are multi fiber pigtails. These fiber optic pigtails are with fan out structure ribbon cable or bundle cables. For such pigtails, their structure is like 1XN or NXN, for example 1 MTP to 8 LC fiber pigtail cable.
The single-mode and multimode fiber optic pigtails shall be available in 3-meter or 2-meter lengths, made of OFNR fiber optic cable, and be compliant with TIA-568-C.3. Single-mode pigtails shall come in E2000, ST, SC, and LC connector styles, and offer UPC and APC polish types. Insertion loss shall average 0.3dB, but not exceed 0.5dB at 1310 nm and 1550 nm per mated pair.
Multimode pigtails shall come in ST, SC, and LC connector styles, and offer 50 μm (10G, 300 m) lazer optimized, and 62.5 μm core styles. Insertion loss shall average .3dB, but not exceed 0.5dB at 1300 nm per mated pair.
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