Fiber Optic MPO & MTP Solution

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MTP/MPO system is a truly innovative and amazing group of products that really takes fiber optics into the new millennium. It is ideal for many applications such as disaster recovery, backbones, building fiber optic distribution, quick setup of new wiring hubs, and warehouses etc. For example, it is possible to run a single cable that automatically terminates 12 fibers in one easy plug-in. With MTP/MPO system you can install a 12-strand fiber optic cable from your main distribution location to a sub distribution location. The installation has never been easier!
MTP connector is a high performance MPO connector engineered for better mechanical and optical performance. The MPO connector is the industry acronym for "Multi-fiber Push On", with push-on insertion release mechanism, provides consistent and repeatable interconnections and available with 4, 8, 12, 24, 36 or 72 fibers. The MTP/MPO is a connector manufactured specifically for a multi-fiber ribbon cable. The MTP/MPO single-mode connectors have an angled ferrule allowing for minimal back reflection, whereas the multimode connector ferrule is commonly flat. The ribbon cable is flat and appropriately named due to its flat ribbon-like structure, which houses fibers side by side in a jacket.
To understand the polarity in 40/100 GbE Transmission, the key of MPO technology—MPO connector should be first introduced. MPO connector usually has 12 fibers. 24 fibers, 36 fibers and 72 fibers are also available. Each MTP connector has a key on one of the flat side added by the body. When the key sits on the bottom, this is called key down. When the key sits on top, this is referred to as the key up position. In this orientation, each of the fiber holes in the connector is numbered in sequence from left to right and is referred as fiber position, or P1, P2, etc. A white dot is additionally marked on one side of the connector to denote where the position 1 is. (shown in the following picture) The orientation of this key also determines the MPO cable’s polarity.
Three Cables for Three Polarization Methods
The three methods for proper polarity defined by TIA 568 standard are named as Method A, Method B and Method C. To match these standards, three type of MPO truck cables with different structures named Type A, Type B and Type C are being used for the three different connectivity methods respectively. In this part, the three different cables will be introduced firstly and then the three connectivity methods.
MPO Trunk Cable Type A: Type A cable also known as straight cable
MPO Trunk Cable Type B: Type B cable (reversed cable)
MPO Trunk Cable Type C: Type C cable (pairs flipped cable)
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