Fiber Optic Patch cords

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Patchcords are used to cross-connect installed cables and connect communications equipment to the cable plant. The choice of patchcords is very important to the performance of the network. Choose patchcords with these criteria:
  • Fiber type must match the type of fiber in the cable plant. For multimode cable, use only 50/125 patchcords with 50/125 fibers in cables and 62.5/125 patchcords with 62.5/125 fibers in cables. Although there are several types of each size fibers, matching the fiber type exactly is generally not required, e.g you can use OM3 patchcords on OM2 or OM4 cable plants. Singlemode fiber is mostly the same, but some long distance fibers have different mode field diameters and should use patchcords with matching fibers. Some patchcords are made from special bend-insensitive fibers. Although there has been some controversy about the compatibility of BI fibers to normal fibers, manufacturers seemed to have adapted their designs to ensure compatibility.
  • Choose patchcords with proper cable jacket color codes. This can help prevent mismatching fibers, especially multimode fibers.
  • Choose patchcords with the correct matching connectors. Choose connector types that match the connectors on patch panels and equipment. Since many cable plants use one type of connector and the equipment another, e.g. STs on a multimode cable plant and LCs on the equipment, you may need to stock hybrid patch cables with different connectors on each end to make the connection. For singlemode networks, the connectors must also have the proper finished ferrule ends, either PC or ultra PC polish for most systems or angled PC (APC) connections for higher speed systems or those carrying AM video. Do not mix PC and APC connectors as that may damage them! The TIA 568 color code for connector bodies and/or boots is Beige for multimode fiber except aqua for laser-optimized fiber, Blue for singlemode fiber, and Green for APC (angled PC) connectors.
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