LSA-Plus® insertion tool KRONE termination-module

LSA-Plus® insertion tool

The LSA-Plus® insertion tool with sensor is the key to unparalleled contact reliability and guarantees fast and clean working. Simply applying pressure with the tool enables the wire to be trimmed and connected in a gas-tight connection in a single action. With the LSA-Plus Insertion Tool S, the wire can be trimmed and connected in a gas-tight connection in a single action. There is no need to strip the wire or use screws. Simply applying pressure once with the tool is enough. A correctly terminated contact is indicated by an audible click.
How is the sensor used? The sensor detects whether the wire has been pressed far enough into the contact. The cutting mechanism that trims the excess wire ends is not activated until the contact is correct.
How is the scissors inhibitor used? In cases where you do not want to trim the residual wire end, for example, when several neighboring contacts are to be bridged, the inhibitor clip is positioned horizontally. Now, the wire can be fed loosely into the corresponding contact row and then connected using the LSA-Plus Insertion Tool S. This means you can create circuits whenever you need to, without having to search for a suitable bridge.
How are the hooks used? With the hook, you can remove connected wires from the contact, or 1-pair ComProtect® plugs from the module. The hook is also suitable for replacing the arrestors in the magazine.
Is it possible to terminate two wires in one contact (double connection)? Some LSA-Plus series can be connected with two wires for each contact slot. If you want to connect a second wire, the sensor must be deactivated by moving the clip to the OFF position.

  •  Materials: Casing made of PBT; scissors, blade and hook made of hardened (nickel-plated) steel
  •  Connection Forces depend on wire type, 50 N to 120 N
  •  Service life Depends on wire type, 50,000-200,000 terminations
  •  Connectable diameter 0.35 mm to 0.9 mm conductor diameter

Part/Number: 6417-2-055-01