SST-UltraRibbon™ Single-Tube, Gel-Free Optical Fiber Cable - Corning

SST-UltraRibbon™ Single-Tube, Gel-Free, Armored Cable - Corning

Corning SST-UltraRibbon™ gel-free cables continue the innovative breakthrough in outdoor cable technology by introducing a new generation of high-fiber-count gel-free cables. Providing high-fiber-counts in a rugged, compact design, the enhanced coupling features ensure the ribbon stack and cable act as one unit, providing long-term reliability in aerial, duct and direct-buried applications. These features also minimize ribbon movement in situations where cable vibration may occur. The cable consists of a single buffer tube containing a stack of up to eighteen 24-fiber ribbons wrapped within a water-swellable foam tape and surrounded by a second water-swellable tape. Each 24-fiber ribbon can be easily separated by hand into two 12-fiber ribbons. Strength members located 180 degrees apart under the cable jacket provide tensile and anti-buckling strength. The cable is jacketed with a black UV-resistant polyethylene sheath.
Features And Benefits
 • Gel-free waterblocking technology
     Craft-friendly cable preparation
 • Innovative waterblocking technology
     Provides ribbon to cable coupling
 • Up to 432 fibers in a compact design
     Easily fits in 1.25-in diameter inner duct
 • Each 12-fiber ribbon individually numbered
     Easy identification

Part/Number: XXXEV5-14100D53
Part Number Product Details Fiber Category Fiber Count
288EV5-T14100D53 288 F, Single-mode (OS2) Single-mode (OS2) 288
360EV5-T14100D53 360 F, Single-mode (OS2) Single-mode (OS2) 360
432EV5-T14100D53 432 F, Single-mode (OS2) Single-mode (OS2) 432
576EV5-T14100D53 576 F, Single-mode (OS2) Single-mode (OS2) 576
720EV5-T14100D53 720 F, Single-mode (OS2) Single-mode (OS2) 720
864EV5-T14100D53 864 F, Single-mode (OS2) Single-mode (OS2) 864