OptiSplice®M90e Fusion Splicer - Corning

OptiSplice®M90e Fusion Splicer - Corning | Discontinued

The OptiSpliceM90e Fusion Splicer is the ideal machine for networks where low-loss performance and high-end accuracy are imperative. TheM90e Fusion Splicer offers the active corealignment accuracy of Corning Cable Systems LID-SYSTEM™ Unit, along with the speed and versatility of a passive core-alignment technology known as the core detection system (CDS). TheM90e provides the most advanced set of features available, yielding top notch performance while reducing training and maintenance costs, all in a compact, user-friendly fusion splicer.
• Equipped with both LID-SYSTEMUnit and CDS 3-axis core-alignment technologies
• Utilizes automatic fusion time to optimize each splice (LID-SYSTEM)
• Lossmeasurement provided at end of splice (LID-SYSTEM)
• Maintenance-free, precise and durable electrodes for 7,000 splices
• Touch screen with graphical user interface
• Built-in interactive training videos
• Fastest total splice cycle time in the industry
• Ultrafast heat-shrink oven (15 seconds on 40mmsleeve; 20 seconds on 60mmsleeve)
• Two USB ports for easy data output and upgrades
• High-capacity internal battery good for 130 splice cycles
Integrated GPS systemautomatically adjusts for altitude changes and allows storing of splice location coordinates

Part/Number: M90E-0SM-T-H