OptiSplice CDS Fusion Splicer - Corning

OptiSplice CDS Fusion Splicer - Corning | Discontinued

The OptiSplice CDS Fusion Splicer is the ideal machine for networks where low-loss performance is imperative. Ideal for long-haul, CATV, telco and LAN applications, it can accurately splice current, legacy, dissimilar and specialty fiber types. The OptiSplice CDS Fusion Splicer offers the speed and versatility of a video-camera-based core-alignment technology known as the core detection system (CDS). The CDS works on both 250 and 900 micron fibers and offers the fastest total splice cycle time on the market for a core-alignment fusion splicer. The ultrafast heat-shrink oven requires only 20 seconds heating time on industry-standard 60 mm heat-shrinks.
• Maintenance-free, precise and durable electrodes for 7,000 splices
• Touch screenwith graphical user interface
• Built-in interactive training videos
• Fastest total splice cycle time in the industry
• Ultrafast heat-shrink oven (15 seconds on 40mm sleeve; 20 seconds on 60mmsleeve)
• Two USB ports for easy data output and upgrades
• High-capacity internal battery good for 130 splice cycles
Integrated GPS systemautomatically adjusts for altitude changes and allows storing of splice location coordinates

Part/Number: OSCDS-0SM-T-H