Kurth Electronics KE 701 Telco-Cable Finder

KE701 Telco-Cable Finder

The KE701 Kit (EasyTest KE720/PROBE410) improves speed and confidence in the installation and maintenance of wiring whether it is for power, telecommunication, alarm or control. EasyTest KE720 can transmit either three continuous tracing tones (SOLID) or three alternating tones (ALT). The Solid or the Alt function is easily selected from the front panel using the ALT and SOLID buttons. An LED beside each button indicates the selected function. To start or stop the tone, first use the ON/OFF button then select the trace tone. The unit can be connected to send the trace tone to any kind of cable, including a live telephone line. The unit is protected to 500 V AC in TONE mode and up to 240 V AC in CONT mode. EasyTest KE720 provides durable alligator clips and snag-proof modular plugs for both RJ11 and RJ45 with strain relief for reliability. The special RJ11 modular plug has protection slots for pins 1 and 8 that will fit RJ45 jacks without damaging them. If the RJ45 plug is inserted into an active LAN jack in the DATA mode, the DATA LED will pulse brightly, and the associated link activity light on the conventional LAN hub or switch will begin to blink. In the CONT position EasyTest leads and RJ11 plug will indicate short circuits (zero ohms to 100KOhm). Test Leads: (25cm) durable wire leads with 4 mm bananaplugs and one with a special long modular plug RJ11 and RJ45 and latch protection
Six Sine-wave Frequencies selectable:

  •  1000/800 Hz, SOLID: 1000 Hz
  •  SOLID: 2600 Hz, ALT: 2600/1900 Hz,SOLID: 577,5 Hz
  •  577,5 Hz intermittant, Accuracie +/- 1% (Quartz)
  •  9 V Alkaline 100 hrs battery life
  •  Dimensions:2.68” x 3.75” x 1.0” (68 x 96 x 25 mm) - 150g + 80g

Part/Number: 0.49567